Photos Courtesy: The Steinway Society

SILICON VALLEY, CA - The Steinway Society the Bay Area announced to the press, that on August 28, the Society started selling Single tickets for any of their concerts, and that
those who purchase their tickets early will be able to select their seats to the concerts. Those who purchase their tickets early, can also still subscribe for the Steinway Society concert Season and by doing so, save up to 20% off of the single ticket price.

So, if you are a piano-music lover, who would like to hear the piano music written by your favorite composer sounding in the "voicing " of an Steinway grand piano and masterfully interpreted by an Award-winning World's top concert pianists, the  coming Season. with nine top pianists which include: Yunchan Lim, Jon Nakamatsu, Vadym Kholodenko, Natasha Paremski, Alessandro Deljavan, Rustem Hayroudinoff, Benjamin Grosvenor, Martin Garcia Garcia and Juho Pohjonen, will be for you.

Opening the season on September 18, at 2;30 p.m. in the Montgomery Theater in downtown San José, will be Yunchan Lim, who became the youngest pianist ever to win gold at the Van Cliburn International competition for his performances throughout. The Music Scene, a Canadian music quarterly magazine which promotes classical music in Canada,described Lim's performance in the competition as follows: "The pianist "magical ability, profound musicality and prodigious technique astounded its listeners around the world."

Yunchan Lim, who who born in Siheung, Korea, was a gifted pianist. He entered the Music Academy of the Seoul Arts Center at the age of 8, and was accepted into the Korea National Institute for the Gifted in Arts at the age of 13, Now at l8, he has already scented to international stardom, creating admiration from the international piano community by his virtuosity in his interpretation of Liszt's Transcendental Etudes.

The video of that performance trended globally in YouTube where it was the most-watched version of the piece is now and has been watched by 5.5 Million views in just one month.
Lim is also on a 2022-23 tour, Organized by the Korean Broadcasting System that will take him across four continents. Also coming soon for the pianist, will be the release of his debut studio recording under the Steinway level.

His San José's concert next month, will be a unique opportunity for music lovers, not only to listen to his playing, but to meet Yunchan, who told the press after his Completion conference, "I made up my mind that I will live my life only for the sake of music." in person.

And for those who for one reason or another will not be able to attend the performance in person, they still can listen to the artist, because Steinway will continue to offer a live stream option to their concerts, which will allow viewers to view the concert as it happens and for 48 hours afterward.

To select seats and purchase tickets for either the live concert or its live stream go to: