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Photos/Video: Courtesy Los Cenzontles

Silicon Valley, CA-- For those of you who may be wondering, who is Linda?  And who is Marisoul? (not Marisol)  And what does LINDA & LA MARISOUL mean? we are going to explain it to our readers. in what we thing it is a very interesting story.

The story began, on March 22, last year, one evening at Los Cenzontles Academy. The Cenzontle is the name given to the Mockingbird in Nahuatl (indigenous aborigines living in Mexico) and it is also the name that Musician and Mexican-American Educator, Eugene Rodriguez gave to his Mexican-American Cultural Arts Academy when he founded it, in l989 as part of a California Arts Council artist residency, with the purpose to amplify the Cultural Mexican roots of those people from Mexican descend, living in the Bay area and beyond, who wanted to learn more about their heritage, their Mexican roots, the different Mexican costumes, the different indigenous languages, their musical instruments, their dances and their music.

Located at 13108 San Pablo Avenue, in Richmond, California, the Cultural Arts Academy  teaches different aspects of Mexican culture, and also includes classes, some private, in how to play instruments (guitar, guitarron, violins and others used by the bands in the different groups)it also teaches singing and dancing, and various Mexican Arts. Its building also serves as a media production studio and produces videos, and as a community space classroom.

But going back to our story. On that particular day (March, 22), Los Cenzontles had welcomed to their building in San Pablo Avenue, a group of musicians, friends. and students, for an afternoon of music and connections, and their guest of honor, in the visiting group of artists, was the legendary singer Linda Ronstadt.


And as the group was celebrating Linda, it happened that by chance, the exceptional artist Marisol Hernandez, better known in the community by her stage name "La Marisoul" (for the soul she puts in her songs) accompanied by her Son Jarocho group, Son California, stopped by, to visit the Academy for the first time, and after greeting and sharing memories and stories of gratitude to the Academy. After a series of introductions and meeting Linda, the visiting musicians decided to join the members of Los Cenzontles and honor her also, in a boisterous playing of sones Jarochos.

The moment, captured in a short video, is LINDA & MARISOUL: AN AFTERNOON AT LOS CENZONTLES. It is a "memory" because it captures, live, this extraordinary moment in time in which old and new friend gathered together, to celebrate each other, and their music and culture. The result may be poetically described: As is a meringue of joy... and tears.

At the request of Los Cenzontles Academy, Cultural World Bilingual would like to extend our readers their invitation to watch this special moment in time for the next seven days hoping that you enjoy it and share it with your friends.

LINDA & MARISOUL: AN AFTERNOON AT LOS CENZONTLES from Los Cenzontles Productions on Vimeo.

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