By Iride Aparicio


SAN JOSE, CA – It is Summer. This morning, you may have taken a walk , a  Bicycle ride, or went swimming  to exercise.  Now, you may be wondering what  to do in the afternoons. If you like movies from the masters of pratfalls and gurus of gut punches, the AFTER SCHOOL SPECIAL, a SUMMER series of films that will be shown on the big screen of  3BELOW  THEATERS  & LOUNGE,  in S.J., From July 4th to August 1st, is for you.


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L-R Alex Winter in the role of Bill and Keanu Reeves in the role of Ted

In this Science fiction comedy, which takes place in the year 2688, actors WINTER  and REEVES, play the roles of two high school slackers  who would rather practice music for  their band  WYLD STALYNS , than do their school work. Unknown to Ted’s father, his son’s band had inspired an Utopian Society populated  by "Supreme Beings", so when he  threatens  to send Ted (REEVES) to Military school if he flunks History, the "Supreme Beings" of the Society in the role  of   “Deus et Machina” (the Greek Gods in the Greek Dramas who always came to the  rescue  of the hero) instruct Rufus (Played by GEORGE CARLIN) to travel back into time (disguised as a phone booth) and do something (for Ted) so inconceivable, that will surprise everyone.


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L-R Emilio Estevez, Ally Sheedy (Sitting) Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald and
Anthony Michael Hall.

In this must see for all ages, comedy drama,  the actors play a group of teens from different High Schools that must spend a Saturday in detention. At first, they are arguing with each other, but gradually they begin to reveal their “secrets” to each other, which leads them to discover something about themselves.  In 1916 this film was selected by the Library of Congress as being “Culturally, historically, and Aesthetically significant."  


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L-R Alicia Silverstone and Stacey Dash

This coming-of-age, romantic comedy is loosely based on JANE AUSTIN’s romantic novel Emma (l815).  The movie,  takes place in Beverly Hills, California,  and SILVERSTONE represents the role of Cheryl Horowitz, a rich, shallow girl at the top of her school ‘s pecking order, who taking the role of a  matchmaker decides, with the help of her best friend Dionne Davenport  (played by DASH), to give a klutzy new student a make over. When the  klutzy student becomes more popular than Horowitz in the process, is something that needs  to be seen to be believe it.


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The Children living in the “Goon docks”

Written by CHRIS COLUMBUS from a story by Executive Producer STEVEN SPIELBERG, this movie is and adventure comedy about a group of kids living in the “Goon Docks” of Astoria Oregon, who learn that their home is going to be demolished to make way to a new country club. The movie show us the live-threatening  experiences of these children, after one discovered and old pirate map leading to a cavern, in one of their homes and all decide to  go in search of the lost Pirate’s treasure to be able to buy they homes back.


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Mathew Broderick as Ferris Bueller

In this American coming-of-age, comedy, BRODERICK   plays the role of Bueller, a college student who fakes illness to cut school and spend the days with his girlfriend (played by MIA SARA) and his classmate (played by ALAN RUCK.) What happens to Bueller when the Dean of students who is in charge to catch truants, discovers him, speaking on camera, advising other students how to skip school, is amusing for us, but not for him.

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