As seen by young filmmakers
from Harlem, Los Angeles and East Palo Alto

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Videos Courtesy: CINEQUEST

SILICON VALLEY -- In recognition to the contributions of young Black people to culture, Cultural World Bilingual is sharing with our readers BLACK EXPERIENCES, three short movies in which three young cinematographers describe their experiences. The movies were created by Black students from Harlem, Los Angeles and East Palo Alto in CINEQUEST's workshop, "PICTURE THE POSSIBILITIES" a program that encourages young people to create their vision in film.

Their films were sent to us along with the photograph by Mike Gendimenico, which appears above, in an e-mail signed by HALFDAN HUSSEY and KATHLEEN J. POWELL, the Founders of CINEQUEST FILM AND CREATIVITY FESTIVAL. Their e-mail reads as follows

"We've experienced the horrifying affect of racism...again. Our hearts grieve with our country in general and our Black citizens, friends, and family in particular.
At CINEQUEST we do our best to empower the voices of Black Americans and all cultures.  As our statement of solidarity, we have decided to bring you a series of short movies on Black Experiences made by CINEQUEST's inspiring Picture The Possibilities, by youth participants for Harlem, Los Angeles, and East Palo Alto."


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