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VANCOUVER, BC-- The Hellenic Canadian Congress of BC and Cinematheque announced to the press, that the dates and lineup for their second annual Vancouver Greek Film Festival will be from June 1-4, 2023, and that the in-person screening and cultural event will be hosted in Vancouver at Cinematheque. The second edition will celebrate the art of Greek cinema, and will include an eclectic offering of contemporary and classic Greek films.  The Festival is part of a calendar of events organized by the congress during Greek Heritage Month, which will culminate this year in the return of Greek Day on Broadway, and will be celebrated on Sunday, June 25, 2023.

"When people think of Greek Culture, they often associate it with the past" says festival cofounder and Artist Christos Dikeakos. "We hope that the second Vancouver Film festival will introduce a more contemporary experience of the diversity and changes to contemporary Greek culture and new immigrant populations, and that their Diaspores coexist and are evident within the dominant Greek Culture. Contemporary Greek filmmakers and artists have always had an international focus and context of their own creative productions.  This year's festival will share with our Vancouver audiences the outward looking focus and interests of current Greek Cinema and contemporary culture."


The highlights of this year's celebration will include: A rare 35mm presentation of Elia Kazan's epic America America (US 1963) in which newcomer Stat Giallis plays a young Greek from Anatolia who stops at nothing to secure a passage to America. Also, on opening night, there will be an screening of the recently restored 1970 film Reconstruction, the first feature of famous Greek auteur Theo Angelopoulos three dramatic features. The recently 1970 restored film was nominated to four Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director. Opening night will also feature three shorts directed by women in film, emerging and established female directors, with many of their films dealing with compassion and humanity, with the political, social, and economic issues in contemporary Greet society. .

Day and Night of Demetrack

On Closing night there will be a tribute to the late, beloved Olympia Dukakis, in the film Olympia, a feature-length documentary based on the legacy of her life

For those who may not be familiar with the star of Stage, Film and television, we could say that Olympia Dukakis (1931-2021) was a talented and versatile American actress, who began her career in the theatre, where she performed in more than 130 stage productions before going into film where she performed in more than 50 moving pictures, of different genres.  Her two best films,  according to critics, are:  Bereavemant Bereament (2011) a drama film written by Evangelos Giovanis and directed by Evangelos Giovantis, and Never too Late,a l997 Canadian comedy drama. Dukakis also worked on television, and on TV series.

"From its inception, the festival's aim has been to focus on the contributions that Greek filmmakers have made--and continue to make-- to film history and culture," Says Cofounder and head programmer Harry Killas, "The program presents a myriad of stories and experiences about the human condition, offering insight into the minds of Greek filmmakers that is at once intimate and universal. We are proud to highlight Greek women in film, especially emerging and established female directors whose many films speak about political, social, and economies issues in contemporary Greek society, all showing compassion and humanity."

Its purpose is to foster education, communication, and cooperation between Hellenic Canadians and the other ethnic groups. It also promotes the development of just and equitable policies and legislation concerning all citizens.  The Hellenic Canadian Congress of BC, also encourages and promotes the retention and development of Hellenism in British Colombia within the multicultural context of Canada. The local Chapter is a member of the national Canadian Hellenic Congress, which is an umbrella organization representing 350, 000 Greeks across Canada and a participatory member of the World Council of Hellenes Abroad.

Founded in 1972, The Cinematheque is a film institute and media education centre devoted to understand the art and history of Canadian and international cinema and the impact of moving images and screen-based media in our lives. Public activities include a year-round calendar of curated film exhibitions devoted to important classic and contemporary films and filmmaker and an array of community outreach programs offering interactive learning, opportunities in film appreciation, filmmaking, media literacy and critical thinking.