Intoxicating, Unimaginably, Beautiful

By Iride Aparicio

Photos Courtesy: Asian Art Museum

SAN FRANCISCO, CA-- If you have ever wondered when looking at a gorgeous place in a postcard or at a breath-taking scenery picture, of unimaginable beauty, how would I feel, if by an act of magic, could find myself physically transported to that place, a wondrous ecosystem of lush colors, strange shapes, big flowers, and multiple-shaped drawings? . If you ever did, you do not have to wonder anymore. That magical place that looks like one of your wildest dreams, now exist. It was created by the wondrous ecosystem,of East Asian art, and everything around it, is unreal: fields of large flowers. Rivers of flowing water. Columns of l twinkling lights and a broad palet of colors, of every shade and shape all around you in a never-before- seen natural beauty such as this in any other place on earth. And the best thing about it is, that this it me, anyone can visit it because the place was created by teamLAB, and it is being presented at an special exhibitions at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, where, for a price of a ticker, you can get sour rounded by colorful images, of inky crows, fluorescent flowers, fluttering butterflies and darting fish will submerge you in a magical world that will make you wonder, pause, think and marvel at the beauty of life and electronics techniques.

And if after seen nature, and the objects created by nature, as you had never seen them before, is not enough for you, the museum also allows parents to teach their children the secrets of the ocean by visiting its Shriram Experiential Learning Center and participate in another team Lab Exhibition: teamLab: Sketch Ocean.

What is teamLab:Sketch Ocean?

TeamLab: Sketch Ocean is a collaborative artwork (meaning children can participate in it) because it builds over time. The wonderful thing about this exhibition, is that it allows children to expand their creativity by allowing them to draw, and then color their art work, and then let their own creation swim, yes, float behind the walls of the room along with other "creations" previously done by other children. They fish, or their "creatures" are even (electronically) allowed to swim out the Learning Center room and go into the teamLAB: Continuity room, which is located on the other side of the museum. Their drawing may also become part of other teamLAB artworks (done by other children) at the Macao, Shanghai, or Tokyo.
Image: teamLAB"Sketch Ocean, 2020-pesent, by teamLAB (Japanese, est. 200l interactive digital installation. Sound by Hideaki Takahashi (Japanese, b. l967)     © teamLAB, courtesy Pace Gallery.

Because this exhibition is so unique, Space is limited and available only on a first-come, first-served basis.

Admission to this Lab is included with general admission and team Lab: Continuity Tickets. The Asian Art Museum in San Francisco is open late every Thursday, so you can visit teamLAB: Continuity from 5 to 8PM on Thursdays for a discount Price.  Book your August Date Now before they are all sold outFor information and to order tickets go online to:

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