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Exclusive Interview: By Iride Aparicio

Photos Courtesy: The Steinway Society

SILICON VALLEY, CA --"Romantic Music" is the music which gives me full freedom to talk to a listener directly from heart to heart," tells concert Pianist Alexander Sinchuk to Cultural World Bilingual during our exclusive interview from Serbia, where he lives and from where he will be performing his Online piano concert on March 26,27, 28 and 29 continuing the Steinway Society the Bay Area, SPRING HOME CONCERT HALL CONCERTS.

"There are many-many nuances and different states hidden in "Romantic Music," he adds, "and the pianist (to be able to interpret it properly) have to find and reproduce them relying on his own experience. And there is nothing that the listeners cannot find when listening to "Romantic Music," ranging from peace and sometimes even trance to big excitement. and even an explosion of emotions. But, at the same time, "Romantic Music," unlike modern music, possesses the beauty of melody and harmony and many other music components which we got used to listen since the times of Bach and Mozart and could also hear in Rachmaninoff's compositions, where those main elements of melody and harmony, that beauty and that emotional fullness were always present in his music, which is the reason why millions of people around the planet love Rachmaninoff and always will remain attached to his music."

C.W.B.: As a concert pianist, do you feel different when interpreting "Romantic Classic Music?
A.S. "Yes, but it is hard  for me to find the specific words which could describe the emotions that I feel, or have to feel, when performing "Romantic Music" because there are millions of different emotions. Because of it, to play "Romantic Music" is not for every pianist, because it requires a "special mentality." There are those pianists like myself, whose repertoire consists mostly of "Romantic Music," (because he loves it) but there are other pianists who prefer to play Contemporary Music or Music of the 17th and l8th Centuries, because that is the music they love."

C.W.B.  How would you introduce Alexander Sinchuk to your online audience?

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A.S.: "I am Russian Pianist, living in Serbia who is happy to perform for you. As a musician, I was a person who was educated to become a concert pianist, so I value my education and the wonderful opportunities it gave me to meet amazing teachers throughout my life, and to study at the best schools and conservatories in the world, such as Central Music School in Moscow, Moscow Conservatory and the Thornton School of Music at the University of Southern California studying with famous pianist and professor Daniel Pollack. I am considered a "Romantic Music" pianist, (by the press)  but I play music by different composers and  from different periods and specially love to play Russian Composers, but I also love the music of  Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann, Grieg and Liszt. And I love performing in concerts, because in such way I could share my emotions with you, the audience, and receive your feedback which gives me a particular pleasure. This time, I will be  performing my concert Online,  but knowing that I will be performing it for you, the people in California, will  be a very special moment for me because I spent four years studying there and I got to know how wonderful you, the American listeners, are."

C.W.B.  How did you plan your online program?
A.S. "I usually plan my programs by including composers from different countries or different periods, but not this time. So, I am very excited about this particular Online concert because all the composers in the program are Slavic, as I am, so I feel very close to the emotion of their music. It will be a different program, so I am hoping that my online audience will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed planning for it.

C.W.B.  I think they will, Alexander, because since you just said that you feel very close to the emotion of the music, you are going to give us an emotional-charged performance.   Can you describe your program for my readers?

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A.S." My concert program consists of music of three composers: Chopin, Rachmaninoff, and Božić.  The Etudes by Chopin are very challenging and they require a lot of concentration on my part. I prepared them especially for this Steinway Society's Concert, which means that I will be performing them for the first time in my life."  

"Rachmaninoff's "Morceaux de Fantaisie" was a opus that he composed when he was 19 years old. One of the pieces, "The Prelude," is very famous and very popular. He himself played many time in almost every recital."

"In the second part of the program, the "Sacred music for Piano" by Svetislav Božić is interesting, because it was inspired by the Orthodox liturgy and every piece is named as a part of the liturgy. The work is also new for me, so my playing it, is going to be the world's premiere of this composition and I feel very honored that I am going to be the first pianist who is going to perform it on the stage."

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