We 've ONLY JUST BEGUN: Carpenters Remembered
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SAN JOSE, CA -- To  describe the glorious musical  career of  MICHELLE BERTING  BRETT  will be  impossible in a short interview, but to introduce her properly to our readers, we will give them an idea of some of the many facets of  the  star.  

Her desire to perform as a singer and actress blossomed in a farm in Saskatchewan Canada, where she  grew up singing, in the church's  choir. After graduating from High School, on a full scholarship she attended Dickinson State University in North Dakota where she studied Opera and theatre. As an Award winning graduate of the program. she enrolled at the Sheridan College in Ontario, Canada  and established Toronto as her home base where she spent  the early days of her career performing  in musicals.

As an actor/ dancer, she continued working in different shows, singing in Cabarets and in show bands. She held the titles of  Production Singer with the Norwegian Cruise Lines and  Guest Entertainer for the Regent Seven Seas Cruises.  She sang  in Mediterranean cruises, in Caribbean Cruises. and in Japan and  Spain.  She  holds the unique honor of  having performed at the  BURJ al Arab in Dubai , the only seven star hotel in the world.

CULTURAL WORLD BILINGUAL  interviews MICHELLE  to discuss her role as the star (KAREN CARPENTER)  in  We've ONLY JUST BEGUN: Carpenters Remembered,  a show that she created, based on  the lives of KAREN and RICHARD CARPENTER. Her show will be presented on October 12th for one night only at  CAMPBELL'S HERITAGE THEATRE, in Campbell, California.  

MICHELLE singing and  RICHARD & KAREN CARPENTER  in a projection
MICHELLE singing and  RICHARD & KAREN CARPENTER  in a projection

For the benefit of  those of you who are not  familiar with  "The  CARPENTERS" we ask MICHELLE,  to  tell our readers something about  them.

MICHELLE:  "KAREN CARPENTER " is considered one of the top vocalists acts of our time. She and her brother RICHARD  had a group called "The Carpenters" and they were the biggest selling recording act of the 1970's. They were active from l969 until KAREN's death in 1983 and in that time they had 14 albums, and over a hundred million records. They toured internationally and they won a number of  Grammys and they still hold the record for most consecutive  top ten singles in a row in the Billboard's  chart. 

The brother and sister were Born in New Haven, Connecticut and in 1963, when they were teenagers, they moved to Downey California. In l969,  after they were signed to A&M Records they release their first album. RICHARD  CARPENTER  was 23 years old and KAREN was l9.  The following year they released their first single of  BURT BACHARACH's  song "Close to you." and it went straight to Number  one, and stayed there not only in the US but all around the world.  Within  a short period of time of their record deal, they were world wide international superstars."

In MICHELLE's opinion,  the reason for the CARPENTERS'  success was that KAREN had a warm beautiful tone of voice and that she could not imagine anyone who could match the emotion which she sang with. But that what really set them apart (from all the other singers at the time)  was the arranging and composing talent of  RICHARD who was the musical driving force of the duo. "He who could create "magic" in the way he arranged a tune and in the orchestral elements  that he will add to his arrangements." she says, "And he knew how to select the material that suited KAREN. She was the voice and the one that people connected to, emotionally, but the fact was that THE CARPENTERS could not be there without the other. They were two half of a whole. Together, they were a creative force. "

And that creative force is still alive fifty years after their first record was released by A&M RECORDS in 1969, because their fans still remember them and long  to hear those tunes that never  hurt their ears with their loudness, but did something else: touched their hearts.


C.W.B.  What gave  you  the idea for  your show?

MICHELLE:  " I grew up with their music as a little farm girl in Saskatchewan, Canada.  I grew up in a musical family. My mom is a creative artist and my dad is very musical and living in a farm and growing up in the country with a small town near by, the culture in those places is around the church, music and sports.

"My first experiences in singing were at the church and at the school choir and one of  the things that for me, was wonderful was to listen to pop music  in the radio where the singers at the time were:J  KAREN CARPENTER, BARBRA STREISAND,  LINDA RONSTADT.

For my two sisters and a brother, music was a great experience in the seventies. I really had a deep calling to become a singer and actor, and when I moved to Toronto I studied  Opera and then musical theatre and in those time in-between, waiting for somebody to give me a job I started putting together my own cabaret shows  with a piano and a trio and I started to explore the jazz repertoire, the American Song Book and the Pop music, just creating new arrangements of the things  that I enjoyed. And wherever I performed,  (I noticed) people telling me that I sounded like KAREN CARPENTER. Which to me, was a beautiful compliment.

For many years MICHELLE began thinking of making a show with only THE CARPENTER's music, but it was not until the day she mentioned her idea to her husband. MARK, that he made her dream come true by telling her, Michelle, let's do it.

And in her exquisite tone of voice, MICHELLE  BERTING BRETT  will bring  her show to SILICON VALLEY, in the BRETT's Production: "We 've  Only Just Begun: Carpenters Remembered"

The performance of "We 've  Only Just Begun: Carpenters Remembered" will be at the Campbell Heritage Theatre, 1 W. Campbell Ave, Campbell, CA on Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019. Tickets are available by calling (408) 866-2700 or by ordering online at https://www.ci.campbell.ca.us/353/Heritage-Theatre

We-ve Only Just Begun

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