Exclusive interview with Managing Director 
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BY Iride Aparicio

PALO ALTO, CA -  Currently celebrating its 90th Anniversary Season,  PALO ALTO PLAYERS' Artistic Director PATRICK KLEIN, announced to the press that for their Fall  2020 Season, their  homebound audience will be able to have their actors entertain them, in the comfort of their own home in  HOMEBOUND CABARET,  a series which comprises three virtual cabarets which will begin  streaming October 23 through December 13, 2020.

To better inform our readers about the homebound series, we contacted ELIZABETH SANTANA, the theater's Managing Director, who among other duties oversees PALO ALTO PLAYERS' business operations, their Marketing and their public relations, in parnership with PATRICK, who oversees all the creative process and the planning of the artistic outlets. Discussing the CABARET SERIES, we ask ELIZABETH to give us some details about the CABARET SERIES.

ELIZABETH:  We are calling it the HOMEBOUND CABARET SERIES because the series is a VIRTUAL cabaret series, so all (the acts) will be ONLINE. There will be three shows in the series,


One of them, will be a Halloween's theme Cabaret, so our artists will be performing dances and scenes with Halloween's themes. That will be taken place in October. For this show, we will also have a Halloween costume contest, for kids, so people can submit the photos of their children in costume, to We will put them into our show and give a Halloween prize to the winner. So start sending your pictures.

In November, we have a Cabaret called "If you knew my Story"


Which is really about transcending boundaries? Because it is an opportunity for artists or a performance team to do something from a show that they traditionally would not be performing. (playing a role that they are not suitable to perform)  so they would be all singing a song, that is not suitable for their voice's range, or playing a role written for a different age, even for a different sex actor. So, in this cabaret we are just pulling back the curtain, and the actors celebrating playing their new role.

And the last Cabaret's act is a Holyday' Family Sing Along, where we have the actors singing


Holiday's classics, some of them Off Beat tunes. The people watching at home will be invited to sing along to another Holiday Season's songs.

All the artist that will be performing in these Cabarets are local and the public who had visited our productions may have seen them before, so be doing these shows we are welcoming back. It is not often that you get (as an actor) to choose a performance piece, but now they can even create their stage because they can decorate a wall (in their homes) and sing a song, so thie will give them the complete freedom to create something, on their own. And we are also opening our VIRTUAL LOBBY for thirty minutes, for each show and we will have like a little chat with them and people in the audiencie may even be able to interact with each other.

So these are the Homebound Cabarets, and what is unique about them is that the participants will all be local community actors who had selected the songs or themes that they want to perform and they will be at home using their own costumes, or purses or gadgets. It will be a unique show, because the artists will be creating their own inspiration and people will be watching them, from their homes, because we are still not able to gather together.

I think that by now we all need to feel as a community and in our organization , and as a thetre, we feel that we have a very important role to play in the community and we want to provide some joy to it and also give our actors an opportunity to create, because these are challenging times for artists with so many organization shut down. So we at PALO ALTO PLAYERS, a community theatre, are providing the community this creative outlet.

C.W.B. How will people be able to watch these shows?
ELIZABETH: All they need to do is go to our website and purchase a ticket. We are asking $20.00 fee per show. After they purchase a ticket,  they will be given a LINK, indicating the day and time when they can watch the show. They have 24 hours to watch it. We are trying to get our tickets affordable because of the times, but we are also trying to keep our company thriving so we can continue providing for our artists.

People can also buy tickets by phone: by calling our office at (650) 329-0891 which is opened from Tuesday to Friday from 11Am to 4PM. They also take calls one day prior to the days of each performance. People can also go to info@at

C.W.B.  During our conversation, Elizabeth, you mentioned that these are very challenging times for artists, and since PALO ALTO PLAYERS is a community theatre, I was wondering if the people in the community, may also send you donations.

ELIZABETH: Yes, we welcome donations. You can donate safely online at or mail a check to Palo Alto Players at Lucie Stern Theater. 1305 Middlefield Rd. Palo Alto, Ca 94301.