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By Iride Aparicio

Photos Courtesy: Steinway Society

From OCTOBER 30th, 2020 to JANUARY 2021, The STEINWAY SOCIETY the BAY AREA, will make your homes become alive with the sound of music. What you will hear will be the melodic sounds of the Classical music of the Master composers, played by four of the young outstanding concert pianist in the world, on  the  Grand Steinway pianos' keyboards.

So, for the duration of each concert, your  home, which may have been transformed into  a classroom, an office, or the place where we work,  will be converted into a CONCERT HALL where on your imaginary stage,  concert pianists: FEDERICO COLLI, ZLATA CHOCHIEVA, VYACHESLAV GRYAZNOV and ANDREW LI  will transport your mind through different centuries of Classical Music, as you listen to their their interpretations of the different styles, during the 26th Season of the Steinway Society the Bay Area HOME CONCERT HALL where every seat, is a front row.

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The series launches with pianist FEDERICO COLLI (pictured first left) in a concert that may be watched ONLINE from OCTOBER 30 to NOVEMBER 2.

COLLI's planned performance was for MAY , 2020, but his concert was cancelled by the pandemic. But eager to play for our audience, COLLI is back, launching the 26th Season of the STEINWAY SOCIETY the Bay Area concerts program and opening the HOME CONCERT HALL series for us.

As a pianist, FEDERICO COLLI is known for his highly imaginative and philosophical interpretations, which is the reason why he has achieved international prominence, and even won awards at the prestigious SALZBURG MOZART Festival and at the Leeds competitions.
His recital program will include a series of Keyboard sonatas by Scarlatti and Schubert and Beethoven's Sonatas No 14 in C Sharp minor "Quasi una Fantasia, and his "Moonlight Sonata."

As a concert pianist, CHOCHIEVA (pictured second left) has been described by Gramophone, a magazine published in London devoted to classical music, and in particular, reviews of recordings, as: "A  pianist who possess a comprehensive technique who brings an inner glow to every bar. Poetic and pianistic command could hardly go further"
Her program will include Mefisto Waltz No2 of Liszt, Rachmaninoff Allegros and Prokofiev four etudes.

Having visited the South Bay previously and played in previous concerts of the STEINWAY BAY AREA CONCERTS, many lovers of Classical may be familiar with GRYAZNOV(pictured third) who was appropriately described in Musical Life Magazine with these words: "Vyacheslav a brilliant pianist and composer. The virtuosity and inventiveness of his transcriptions fascinates and enthrall." He trilled the audience in his West Coast Debut in 2016 receiving three encores. He has performed to great acclaim throughout the U.S., Russian and Europe, including Carnegie Hall and the Berlin Philharmonic.
His concert will include the GRYAZNOV's transcriptions of music of:
Monteverdi, Falconiery , Rameau, J.S. Bach, Beethoven symphonies, S.464, Liszt Symphonie No. 1 in C, op.21,  Mahler, Symphony, No 5 in C, Debussy, Prélude a L'apres-midi d'un faune L86 an Ravel, La Valse
(Our interview with the pianist can be read at our link)

Telegram and Gazette newspaper in Worcester Massachusetts, describes his playing as follows: "Andre's technique is brilliant and assured. He is a serious musician but not a showy or an unnecessarily flashy one, Li trusts his ideas about the music and places them front-and-center."
As a pianist, Li (fourth in the picture) is a winner since early childhood.  he won his first prize in the Bay State Piano Competition for five consecutive years from the ages to 7 to 12 year and the first prize for two consecutive years at the Steinway Competition in Boston, First prize at the Boston Symphony Orchestra youth concert competition, second prize at the Hilton Head International Piano Competition, third prize at the Minnesota Piano Competition in 2018 and first Prize at the Harvard Music Association Achievement Awards.
His program will include: Beethoven, six variations for Piano, Breams, variations on a theme of Paganize, Chopin Pol on ai se in A-Flat Major, op.61 and Streakings, Trois movements de Patriciate.

To further inform the audience about the HOME CONCERT HALL, we have included a recorded message from Steinway Society President KATHY YOU WILSON

TICKETS FOR ONE PERFORMANCE are $20.00 each but if you buy your ticket FOR THREE PERFORMANCES, YOU GET THE FOURTH ONE FREE. So you pay ONLY $60 USD for All Four concerts. Tickets may be ordered online at

As information becomes available, Cultural World Bilingual will give our readers a brief description of the series of concerts, and their particular description, in further articles