Launch SFSymphony+ on Demand Service
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By Iride Aparicio

Photos Courtesy: Public Relations S.F. Symphony

SILICON VALLEY, CA -- The San Francisco Symphony and Music Director Esa-Peka Salonen today announced the launch of a new on-demand streaming service:  SFSymphony+ (SFSymphony Plus). The new membership-based service, which will launch on February 4, and will end in August 2021, will feature exclusive original digital content, including all-new Sound Box programs and CURRENTS episodes, as well as other special projects to be released on a rolling basis. The service will also offer select content FREE OF CHARGE, which includes previously released programs, newly recorded chamber music performances, and the SF symphony 2021 Chinese New Year Virtual Celebration.

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"I'm very proud of what we have achieved with SFSymphony+", said Music Director Salonen, "The challenge with digital programming is to create something that has its own identity, an essential uniqueness that allows it to function as a self-contained piece of art. And to achieve that, it's not enough just to capture a great performance by strong musicians, or even to have interesting programming. Instead, every member of the organization --on the performance level, on the production level, on the administrative level--needs to be working in harmony drawing upon one another's talents and strengths. What we've created for SFSymphony+ could not have been realized in a traditional live setting. My hope, once live performances do resume, is that we can sustain the dialogue between digital and live performance to create something that audiences will find compelling and valuable--not only in the Bay Area, but across the World."

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Discussing the launch San Francisco Symphony  CEO Mark C. Hanson said: The launch of SFSympony+ represents the exciting next step in the San Francisco Symphony's evolution, as we further broaden our local and global reach through the release of new bespoke digital content designed specifically for virtual audiences. Building on the successes of programs we developed over the Summer and Fall, the state of new digital concert events showcases the talents of our musicians alongside Esa-Peka Salonen, our Collaborative Partners, and a wide array of composers, collaborators, designers, and directors. This season SFSymphony + programming further expands the Symphony's experimental SoundBox concept, explores rich intersections between musical cultures, and offers the potential to engage with more people than ever before through a worldwide digital medium. As we look ahead to the future, SFSymphony+ will be a vital element of the Symphony's identity complementing our live performance activity and opening new avenues for innovation,  exploration and accessibility.

Priced at $120.00 for the entire season (February 4 --August 31, 2021) SFSymphony+ membership provide exclusive access to premium original San Francisco Symphony digital content, including seven new sound Box programs, five new CURRENTS episodes, and other special projects to be announced. CURRENTS episodes can also be purchased individually for $15.00 per episode. CURRENTS episodes and memberships are now available for sale at:

SF Symphony donors who have contributed $250. or more this season and all 2021 season subscribers automatically receive a complimentary membership for sFSymphony+(February -August 2021). Memberships are available for sale now

Content FREE of Charge includes:
Symphony 2021 Chinese New Year Virtual Celebration of the year of the Ox on February 20th, newly-recorded and chamber music performances previously released including: Through line. From Hall to Home, the Dia de los Muertos Deck the hall virtual celebration and the first four episodes of CURRENTS.