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By Iride Aparicio

Photos: Ken Howard

NEW YORK, NY-- Opera  critics agree that no composer creates  dramatic operas better than Giuseppe Verdi (1813-l901), and when we analyze  his five-act, grand opera Don Carlos, (1867) and compare it with Schiller's German play Don Carlos, that poet Friedrich Schiller's wrote between 1783 and 1787 in Hamburg, loosely modeled on historical events of the 16th century Spain under the reign of King Phillip II, we have to agree with the critics.

Both Verdi's opera Don Carlos, and Schiller's poetic drama have the same characters: Don Carlos, Prince of Asturias, Philip II the King of Spain his father, the Duke of Alba, Elisabeth of Valois, Princess of Eboly and the Marquis of Posa. But the Don Carlos that Verdi wrote, eighty years later for the libretto, of his opera, based on Schiller's drama, altered Schiller's dialogue, to be able to emphasize the romance between Don Carlos and Elizabeth, and also dramatized, the action to emphasize the power that the Inquisitor, had over the Catholic Phillip II the king. His changes made Verdi's Don Carlos one of his most ambitious works, filled with poetry, and emotional power. Recognizing his own masterpiece, Verdi described Don Carlos, as "As severe and terrible as the savage inquisition that built its plot."

Verdi's historian Julian Budden, who covered every one of Verdi's operas, in detail in three books' volumes, writes than in July of the year l865, when Verdi was living in St. Agata, Esquivel, a man equivalent to a PR brought Verdi two scripts for his perusal: one was Cleopatra, and the other the French libretto of Don Carlos written by Joseph Méry and Camille Locle, Don Carlos, infant of Spain which was a French translation of  Schiller's play. Verdi immediately selected Don Carlos, because it had a more poetic frame and the type of story to move the audience.

And the new Metropolitan Opera Presentation of Don Carlos, is still doing that, because the new production, is so magnificent that it was hailed by the Washington Post as "grandest-of-grand"

Principal CON CARLOS.jpg

And on March 26, people from all over the world will have the chance to see the MET fantastic production in Cinemas and movie theaters as a Fathom EVENT. because for the first time in the Metropolitan Opera's company history, the Met will present the original five-act French version of Verdi's epic featuring Matthew Polenzani as Don Carlos, Jamie Burton as Princess Eboli, Sonya Yoncheva as Elizabeth de Valois, Etienne Dupuis as Rodrigo, Eric Owens as Phillip II, and John Relvea as the grand inquisitor.

For those interested in watching it, we We suggest you check your newspapers for the time and place of the METROPOLITAN OPERA HD LIVE. time and place, and also the Health requirements of the movie theaters before ordering your tickets.