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By Iride Aparicio

Photos Courtesy: The MET

SILICON VALLEY, CA-- In early May, after the Metropolitan Opera presented the North American premiere of Hamlet, a bold adaptation of Shakespeare's timeless drama written by Australian Composer Brett Dean, which had its world premiere at the Glyndebourne Festival in 2017, in a press communique it also announced that Hamlet will now be seen LIVE IN HD on Saturday June 4th.

When first presented in New York, Hamlet was a hit, and the critics' reviews in the different newspapers speak for themselves.

The New York Times called the opera "Innovative, elegant and passionate--a hit...Dazzling musically...Exhilarating production...The whole vast company strong...moving and riveting...Great art" . The Observer called the work "Striking" and the debut of English tenor Clayton, "a remarkable local debut...Compelling, multi-faceted characterization...Beautifully nuanced singing...Greeted with fervent ovations."  Opera News wrote about him: "Tenor Allan Clayton made his company debut in the title role, and it is hard to imagine a splashier one. His performance was a tour de force." And in its review about Conductor Carter it said:  "Conductor Nicholas Carter maintained awesome control over his variegated, far-flung forces...tremendous expressive impact. "

In other critiques, the work was described as innovative, elegant, passionate, and dazzling musically, and as "exhilarant production." The Financial Times described the opera as "Riveting...marvelous...A formidable cast... superior work...This Hamlet hits deep in the bones and the gut."

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Soprano Brenda Rae as Ophelia and tenor Allan Clayton as Hamlet

In its press communiqué, The Metropolitan Opera announced that on Saturday June 4 at 12:55 PM ET (9:55 California time)  as part of the Met: Live in HD series, the production of Hamlet will arrive worldwide, with tenor Allan Clayton who originated the title role of Hamlet at the Glyndebourne Festival in England, singing the role, and Maestro Nicholas Carter, in his company debut conducting the stellar ensemble cast that also includes: Mezzo soprano Sarah Connolly, as Gertrude, Baritone Rod Gilfry as Claudius and bass-baritone John Relyea as the ghost of hamlet's father and the Gravedigger.  The live transmission will be hosted by Christine Goerke

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The Stars of Hamlet
Nicholas Carter, conductor; Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
Allan Clayton, Hamlet: Hometown, Solihull, England.
Brenda Rae, Ophelia: Homewon: Appleton, Wisconsin
Sarah Connolly, Gertrude: Hometown; Middleborough, England
Aryeh Nussbaum Cohen, Rosencrantz: Hometown:  Brooklyn, New York
Christopher Lowre, Guildenstern; Hometown Johnston, Rhode Island.
David Butt Philip, Laertes; Hometown, Somerset, United Kingdom
William Burden, Polonius; Hometown, Miami, Florida

For those interested in watching Hamlet, we suggest you check your newspapers or visit your local theater website for the METROPOLITAN OPERA HD LIVE. time and place, and also check the Health requirements of the movie theaters before ordering your tickets.