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SAN FRANCISCO, CA--The San Francisco Opera announces to the press that a video of the opera singer soprano Pretty Yende, who will sing the principal role of Violetta in the San Francisco Opera Production of Verdi's la Traviata, will premier in the program  In Song, On Thursday, November 3.

For those readers who are not familiar with IN SONG, the program is a series of intimate videos exploring the diverse cultural traditions of different opera's greatest performers, now singing in the world's stages, and also informs the audience of some  aspects of their personal lives and of their musical journeys before their success.

The videos presented in IN SONG are also fascinating, because to be able to create them, the cinematographers have to travel to countries all over the world, to be able to actually show the USA audience the locations and aspects of the different countries where the star singers are from. These countries may be Nashville, or New York city, or a country in South America, Auckland, Australia or Cairo, Egypt.

Steeped in Zulu culture in the timber city of Piet Retief, South African soprano Pretty Yende, grew up buoyed by family and a tight-knit church community, surrounded by love and a collective joy for singing. Now, in California, Soprano Pretty Yende is preparing to make her San Francisco Opera's debut in the new production of La Traviata, on November 11, the first San Francisco Opera's production of Traviata in 35 years.

This episode of IN SONG, will open to its viewers a window into the world of Yende, following her back to her South African home, where she visits her church's congregation and her family, and performs with the young students of her Alma matter, the Della Secondary School.

The trailer for IN SONG: PRETTY YENDE can be seen here: