Challenges you to make your dreams a reality 

By Iride Aparicio


Disney on Ice 3


SAN JOSÉ, CA—Minnie Mouse accompanied by Donald Duck and Goofy slid gracefully on the ice rink of the HP pavilion in San José as Mickey  introduces  DARE TO DREAM a new  Disney’s on Ice spectaclem, to the audience.

This show is different than all the others in many ways: to start with, instead of many Disney’s stories this one concentrates in only three.  Each one of the stories is not fragmented, but related to the audience complete, from beginning to end.  In spite that the three stories are completely  different, they have on common theme which is: Dare to Dream.

During the show, the audience travels, vicariously, to different places in the world.  For the first one, as we hear the music of “Here come the Saints all Marching in” in the background we find ourselves in front of the outdoors "Cafe Tiana" in New Orleans.  The people around us makes it a very colorful act with their superb skating, reative costumes from the last century in a rainbow of colors, and dancing the lively rhythms of jazz.

This show has also “magic” but, sadly. is not the magic that builds carriages from pumpkins. Lawrence and Dr. Facilier have voodoo in their minds.

Disney on Ice 1Because of it, Tiana, a waitress dreaming of opening her own restaurant, as she kisses a frog, instead of finding that the frog was a handsome prince, gets into lots of trouble instead. Trying to find a solution to her problems, Tiana meets lots of bayou friends. In the process she skates marvelously and everybody skates around her including an alligator, some frogs and a group of pink seagulls.

After meeting Prince Naveen, and falling in love with him, Tiana shares with the audience her recipe for Happiness which is:  Wish big, work hard and kiss a frog.

Our next story is Cinderella, and we see her pushing a broom as the king's carrier arrives with a Royal invitation inviting all the single maidens in the kingdom to go to the castle’s ball to meet the prince.

We all know the story well, but this time the story becomes alive as we see the couples dancing inside the castle as they skate masterfully wearing elegant costumes. We also see the beautiful parade of the Royal guards marching perfectly synchronized as they slide in the ice, and best of all we see her magic carriage pulled by white horses. And like Tiana, Cinderella, who dreams of finding love, sees her dream come true when she finds her prince.

The program ends with an aerial show, in which we are vicariously “lifted” to Rapunzel’s room on top of her tower where we see Rapunzel and her mother talking

The princess is curious about the lights she sees at the distance and wants to know why they are always lighted on the day of her birthday.

What she does not know is that when her mother leaves the tower she left her long hairl hanging
Disney on Ice 2 outside the tower, and this time an intruder comes in.  After hitting his head with a frying pan Rapunzel convinces Flynn, the intruder, to take her to see the lights and we see them swaying in the golden curtain which represents Rapunzel's hair floating on the air over the audiences heads. 

It is a beautiful aerial act combined with ice skating. At the end, like the other two princesses Rapunzel got his dream. She managed to go outside her tower and see the world.  We should add that she also got her prince and found love.

As the show ends, we see a group of Disney’s princesses skating with their princes all dressed in white and gold,  her crowns on their heads, smiling as if to remind us that we too must dare dream. We smile and as the music plays, confetti falls over our head as the cone's shaped lights in front of the castle start spitting golden fire as if one hundred firecrackers were burning as once. It is a perfect ending for the Disney’s stories