By Iride Aparicio


SAN JOSE, CA – When we looked at the people sitting in the SAP CENTER, surrounding the ice rink, every one was smiling.  It was opening night, and the audience, composed of mostly children with their parents, were really enjoying each stop of "PASSPORT to ADVENTURE" the DISNEY’s on Ice new show, which allowes the audience to be  transported, vicariously,  to "The World of Make Believe” populated by DISNEY’s characters. A word where goodness always triumphs, wishes come true, if we wish upon a star, and all who fall in love get married and live happily ever after.  

The hosts on our trip that evening were familiar to everyone: Mickey Mouse, who organized it. Minnie, who had joined the adventure and made it exciting with her tremendous enthusiasm.  Daisy was quiet on that night, but her boyfriend, Donald Duck started QUACKING real loud the moment he became aware that they had lost all their luggage.  Fortunately, Goofy, playing the role of  porter, in the show, found the luggage and after dropping it on the ice, was able to deliver it, before falling down.

Donald Duck, Daisy, Minnie, Mickey and Goofy
       L-R Donald Duck, Daisy, Minnie, Mickey and Goofy on the floor

Our first stop in the ADVENTURE was an African Safari. Under the orange light of  the African sun, the rink fills with monkeys skating as a group.  The story, we are about to see, THE LION KING, takes place in the Kingdom of  lions in Africa, where MICKEY and his friends arrive  in search of action. The story starts with young SIMBA playing with NALA. We then learn  that SIMBA had been made to believe by  his uncle SCAR, that he is to be blamed for his father’s accidental death. In shame, SIMBA flies to another place in the jungle . The story ends when the grown up SIMBA,  encouraged by NALA and the Shaman, RAFIKI confronts his uncle and becomes king. 

The adventure includes numbers of assembled ice skating and an athletic duet performed by SIMBA and NALA as adults, in which both skaters demonstrate their mastery. 

SIMBA and NALA with RAFIKI in the background

From Africa, and with MICKEY as captain of the ship, we travel to the coral sea where we meet SEBASTIAN, the singing lobster, FLOUNDER the fish, and ARIEL a beautiful mermaid  Our story starts when ARIEL, looking at a ship anchored nearby, watches the celebration of PRINCE ERIC's birthday. When in a storm, the Prince’s ship is wrecked and ERIC is carried to the beach by the waves unconscious, ARIEL helps him regain his consciousness by singing to him in her beautiful voice. She falls in love with him.

After that, wanting to join ERIC in his human world, ARIEL is advised by FLOUNDER, to visit URSULA, the sea witch, and ask her to turn her human and change her fish tail for legs. URSULA agrees to do it, but as payment, demands her beautiful voice.  ARIEL accepts. But things happen, so at the end of the story, ARIEL regains her voice and being human, she is able to marry ERIC and live happily ever after.

PASSPORT to ADVENTURE presents the  story visually by using a great variety of  colorful costumes to depict the different marine animals. Creative also are the dresses of  the daughters of TRITON, a group of beautiful mermaids that surprise the audience by entering the stage hidden inside enormous Clams.  

Sebastian Ariel, & Floander with Triton daughters
L-R Sebastian Ariel, & Floander with Triton daughters in the background

The act includes an ice-skating dance ensemble, using different Marine props to recreate the bottom of the sea, and bubbles falling from above. The effect is magical.  The most visual element in this number, however is the enormous figure of  URSULA the sea witch as she grows up in front of our eyes to monstrous proportions, and then shrinks.

Held by one hand by ERIC, ARIEL spins around him
Held by one hand by ERIC, ARIEL spins around him.

The solo of ARIEL skating at high speed around the rink doing a number of body figures was exquisite, and her athletic dance, wit ERIC lifting her above his his head, or spinning her around himself at high speed, held only by one hand, a show of strength and mastery on both their parts.

And from the bottom of the sea, we went to LONDON for a Jolly Holiday, where the gang was greeted by a uniformed “British Bobby.” And there, in what was the evening's most marvelous adventure, we had the chance to visit NEVER LAND and see the DARLING children flying over our heads led by PETER PAN. The OHHHS and AHHHS coming from the people's mouth, could be heard all over the arena.


And if  seen Peter and the children flying over our heads was no enough to delight de audience, there was the big CAPTAIN HOOK’s ship, that after landing at the center of the ice rink, allowed us not only to see the pirates, but to witness their fight with PETER. The act ends when a huge crocodile opens his mouth, and swallows the poor captain.

STITCH and LILO and Hawaiian dancers
L-R STITCH and LILO and Hawaiian dancers in the background

And before “going home,” our last stop was HAWAII, where and ensemble of ice-skating Hula dancers entertained us as part of  the story of  SNITCH and LILO. They were joined by all our  hosts and the other Disney Characters  who gathered on the ice rink to wave us good bye.

PASSPORT to ADVENTURE is a marvelous spectacle. One of the most creative shows on ice produced by  Feld Entertainment.