Photos and B-roll  by: ANTONIO GADONG

        TRAVIS Le DOYT  Considered the World’s Best ELVIS PRESLEY

SANTA CLARA, CA – He is described by the press as “The World’s best young Elvis” because he looks like Elvis. He sings Elvis’ songs and uses Elvis’ movements when he dances, but in his concert, “A TRIBUTE TO THE KING,” TRAVIS LeDOYT’ as an artist, stands on his own.

His sold out one-night  concert, on October 11th, presented by "SCU Presents" at The MAYER Theatre in Santa Clara University, can only be described as the type of entertainment that people love.  It started with people smiling, and ended with smiling people standing on their feet, clapping, and asking for more. And in spite that TRAVIS had already sang, danced and played the piano, without intermission, for about two hours, he returned to the stage.

“A TRIBUTE TO THE KING” concert began with one of the three members of his band, integrated by DAVID JOHNSON on guitar, STEVE UNDERWOOD on drums, and DICK MCVEY on bass guitar who also served as Master of Ceremonies that night when he  asked casually to the audience, “Are you ready to Rock? His question set the mood for the night. The audience got ready to Rock from that moment.  

Dressed casually, in an aqua color  jacket with white stripes on the left side, and wearing black pants, TRAVIS started singing a series of what we all call,  “ELVIS’ songs,” some of them, better known than others. But TRAVIS not only sang the songs, he interpreted their lyrics, so each of his renditions had a lot of feeling.

TRAVIS sings to the ladies
When TRAVIS sings to the ladies, they look adoringly at him.

No longer standing at  the center of the stage, he sat for a few minutes on the stage’s edge and then, holding a microphone in his hand, began walking,  around the auditorium stopping to sing in front of a group of people, giving a hug to an older lady, singing for another, or just seating next to them for a few seconds.  He shook hands with many patrons in the audience and even the small hands of the gigling children allowing them to touch his. As he moved around, people followed him with their eyes. Some young girls screamed when they saw him approaching them or began shaking his body dancing in the aisles. Other women just looked adoringly at his face as he sang. Apparently, TRAVIS' songs had transported them fifty years back, to the time when ELVIS PRESLEY was singing the same tunes, making their  hearts beat as fast as they were beating now.

TRAVIS, who emanates charisma, and has a great raport with his audience, has a marvelous timbre of voice, specially in his lower tones, and his vocalization is perfect.  His whole performance went on smoothly all night without a Glitch. Like a pro. He made pauses between his songs to talked to the audience, telling those who were shouting requesting songs,  jokingly, “If you want to hear  a song, just write its  name on a  fifty dollar bill and give it to me” He a;sp used his sense of humor again when singing   “I need your love tonight” to a young girl, and then adding the words, “Because I will be leaving tomorrow morning.” We all laughed.

Some of his best interpretations that night were” I Want to be your Teddy Bear.”  “Return to Sender” and “Falling in Love with you” which in my opinion, was the best song that he sang that night. At the end, a fter asking the audience “Do you like Blues?”  he paused for a few seconds as if waiting for the audience reaction, and then added, “Because if you like Blues, you are in the wrong shot.” As people laughed, TRAVIS surprised us as he sat at the piano and played dynamic rendition of the Blues.

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The concert's dynamic electricity increased during the last part of the show.  TRAVIS increased his rapport with the audience. As I looked around the auditorium I could see that everybody was smiling, clapping their hands at the beat of the music, moving their heads as they danced  on their seats. The Concert was a heart-felt tribute to “The King” by TRAVIS LeDOYT, in good taste, beautifully sung, and masterly presented.