SHN  2014-2015 SEASON
Is an Incredible Season
        Interview with SHN’s  Communication Manager

 By Iride Aparicio 

Motown-The Musical

SAN FRANCISCO, CA –  The  2014-2015 Season presented by SHN under the direction of CAROLE SHORENTEIN HAYS, may easily be one of the best Seasons brought by the Producers to San Francisco. It includes Award-Winning shows, inspirational stories, and masterful choreography.

“We are very excited to have five of the big shows that are on Broadway,” says Mr. DANNY KNAUB, Communications Manager for SHN, in an exclusive interview with CULTURAL WORLD BILINGUAL. The Season  includes: ”KINKY BOOTS,  which is the Tony Award®  Winner for Best Musical in 2013, Time’s Magazine’s  number one show “MATILDA THE MUSICAL,” and a new production of “THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA.” It is an incredible Season.”

C.W.B.  I agree with you, Mr. KNAUB,  so I would like to ask  you if you can tell our readers something “unique” about each one of  your shows.

Motown-The Musical-2

D.K: “MOTOWN THE MUSICAL” which opens the Season, is coming to the Orpheum Theatre on August 15, 2014, and will play through September 28 of this year. San Francisco will be its second stop on their tour which was launched in Chicago, so  San Francisco will be one of the first cities to see this new production, which is very exciting for us“

“MOTOWN THE MUSICAL” is a true story about BERRY GORDY, who is the founder of Motown. It  relates his journey from featherweight boxer to the music heavyweight that he is today. BERRY GORDY is famous for launching the careers of DIANA ROSS, MICHAEL JACKSON, and THE JACKSON FIVE among others so I think that he is really incredible in his ability to spot and create talent, and he sort of redefined a musical generation with the creation of the Motown label.”

“MOTOWN THE MUSICAL” is his story on stage. It is based on his book, and he is the one who wrote the show as well. I think that it will be very interesting for audiences to have a peek,  sort of ,  behind the scenes to see how the “Motown” label came about. I think that it is going to be fun to see his journey. Now, if one is looking for something sort of “unique” in the show, MOTOWN features sixty plus songs in it from the “Motown Era," so this is going to be one of those shows where audiences will be tapping their feet and nodding their heads. It is really going to transport the audiences back to that time.  It is an incredible show and I think that people will absolutely love it.”

C.W.B:  I have heard so much about “KINKY BOOTS,” everybody is talking about it. What can you tell us about this show?  

The Broadway cast Of “ KINKY BOOTS
 The Broadway cast Of “ KINKY BOOTS          Photo by: Mathew Murphy

D.K:  “KINKY BOOTS” is also coming to the Orpheum Theatre (on a short engagement) from December 2 through December 28 of this year. The show is a the winner of six Tony Awards® including BEST MUSICAL, in 2013, so we feel very excited to bring this show to San Francisco.”

“KINKY BOOTS,” is really an inspiring story about one man who sort of inherited his nearly bankrupt family’s business (a shoe factory) and when he is trying to save it, he meets a wonderful entertainer who sort of helps him figure out what to do with his life and sort of inspire him to be a better man and to turn his family’s business into something absolutely extraordinary.”  

“What makes this show “unique,” is that it teaches us how to find ourselves and sort of embrace who we are. It delivers such a powerful, positive message that I think that it is the show everyone needs to see for the message alone. One of the famous lines in the show is “you change the world, when you change your mind” and I think that it is an incredible powerful message to send out to families, and to everyone, specially in this day and age.”

“The show has an incredible team. Whe have CINDI  LAUPER who made history for being the  first solo woman ever to receive the Tony Award® for the score. The music, is one hit after another, and its book is written by (four-time Tony winner) HARVEY FIERSTEIN. The show has a lot of heart and a beautiful message to put up there, and it is done in a very flashy, eye-catching Broadway style.  When one watches it, one has a smile on his or her face from beginning to end because it is a fun show.”

C.W. B : "CBS News said that “THERE IS NO SHOW HOTTER THAN “KINKY BOOTS,” yet I see in my press release that your Season  has  another audience pleaser in Disney’s NEWSIES,  the Winner of the 2012 Tony Awards® for Best Score and Best choreography.  What can you tell us about NEWSIES?

Broadway Production of “NEWSIES”
Broadway Production of “NEWSIES”      Photo by: Deen Van Meer

D.K: “NEWSIES” is coming to the Orpheum Theatre February 17 to March 15, 2015, and it is an incredible show. It is about kids who are uniting and fighting for what it is right for their community, but what  really stands out in this show is its incredibly choreography, that won the Tony Award® in 2012 for Best Choreography. However,  what sets NEWSIES apart and makes it “unique” is the dancing in the show which is top notch, high energy, (jumps, flips, pirouettes) one show stopping number after another. I think it is something that needs to be seen, to be believed.”

"The story of “NEWSIES,” written in this incredible book by HARVEY FIERSLEIN (who wrote  “La Cage aux Foxes”) was inspired by the news boys strike in l898. (When newsboy KID BLINK led a hand of orphan and runaway newsies on a 2 week-long action against Pulitzer, Hearst and other powerful newspapers publishers).  It is a captivating story of a band of  “underdogs” who unite and fight for what is right, so it is a very inspiring tale that sort of teaches you to follow your dreams, and that if you believe in something, you have to fight for it.”

"NEWSIES  features the music of ALAN MENKEN (“Beauty and the Beast,” “The Little Mermaid”) and  JACK FELDMAN  (“the Lion King II” Simba Pride), which made it the winner of the 2012 Tony Awards® for Best Score and Best Choreography  (By CHRISTOPHER GATTELLI) and believe me, the choreography is really one of the elements of this  show that will really capture our attention.”

C.W.B.  What is next?

D.K.: “MATILDA THE MUSICAL, that  is coming to the Orpheum Theatre from July 15 – August 15, 2015. It is another incredible show and Time’s Magazine “Show of the Year” (2013) because of the high caliber of the show. It made its debut on London, and then came to the United States. It is a fun show. It has been universally acclaimed.”

Matilda-The Musical

“The musical is based on the beloved novel by the best-selling author ROALD DAHL ( “Charlie  in  the ChocolatFactory”, “The Witches,”  “Fantastic Mr. Fox”) “MATILDA”  is about this extraordinary young girl whose parents and the world want to repress.  But what the show is about, is how her imagination and her love of reading open up this incredible world for her.  She is a special girl and she has special powers. This show is “unique”  because it has the largest part even written for a girl about that age, because Matilda carries about ninety percent of the show and she is under the age of ten. The story is really about taking  a stand and being in charge of your own destiny. I really love the meaning of this show because it is flashy and have great music, but I think that what it treally teach us is something incredible. “

C.W.B.  I understand that your last show will be  “THE PHANTOM.”

D.K.: “The new production”  of THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, whis is spectacular.  It is coming to the Orpheum theatre in August 26  of 2015 and will play until October 4th of next year.  It is really a “new” PHANTOM.  It has reinvented staging, a new scenic design, new costumes.  It is the same PHANTOM that we all love but they are sort of  “freshing it all up.” It is going to be performed by a cast and orchestra  of 52, which will make  it one of the largest productions on tour in North America."

“Mascarade” from  PHANTOM
“Masquerade” from  PHANTOM                                    Photo Alastair Muir

D.K: "PHANTOM is one of those classic shows that everybody loves. It has been around for twenty-five years. The show has been known for its elaborates sets and the incredible music of  ANDREW LLOYD WEBER so  audiences are going to be excited to see what they did with the show. San Francisco is ready to welcome the show back”

C.W.B. Based on your broad experience in Musical Theatre, Mr. KNAUB. what, in your opinion, makes musicals "unique" as an entertainment venue?

D.K: “I just think that for someone who may have never experienced  “live-theatre” before, musicals are an incredible venue for them to go to. Being in an audience of two or three thousand people, who are all there, to see a show, hearing a song that you love, or see the efforts, on stage, from  the cast, the crew, or everybody who had worked behind the scenes, can touch you in so many ways; strike a nerve within you. The connection that you feel sitting in the audience watching a show is the “unique” experience. You can watch TV you can go to a movie, but there is nothing like watching musical theatre. I think it is one of the best feelings in the entire world.”  

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