By Iride Aparicio

SILICON VALLEY -- With hundreds of artists collaborating on 25 Public Events, San Francisco premier theatre development lab is hosting the nation's largest fully digital new play festival: PLAYGROUND ZOOM FEST a 25th Anniversary Celebration. The five- weeks online event, will be  presented from May 11 to June 14, 2020 via Zoom Live Stream.

Linda Amayo-Hassan "La Vida Lobo" 2019 world premiere "Best of PLAYGROUND 23" Jed Persario, Livia Gomes Demarchi, Caleb Cabrera. Photo credit

For the five-week event, PLAYGROUND  gathered  the leading voices of the American Theatre including two programs of short plays featuring works by  LAUREN YEE, JONATHAN SPECTOR, AARON LOEB, MARTHA SOUKUP, LINDA AMAYO-HASSAN, GENNE MURPHY, CLEAVON SMITH, TOM SWIFT, CASS BRAYTON, NICOLE JOST, ROBIN LYNN RODRIGUEZ, KIRK SHIMANO and NIC A. SOMMERFELD. acclaimed actors, theatre journalists, designers, and more from across the country to present and discuss a panoply of new works and celebrate PLAYGROUND's quarter-century anniversary.

Aaron Loeb's "ALL THUMBS" world premiere featuring Danielle Leving, Soren Olivier, Lisa Morse, Cindy Goldfield and Michael Phillis (Backgound) Photo Credit:

The audience should be aware that all the plays in the ZOOMFEST FESTIVAL will be presented as LIVESTREAM READINGS, not as stage plays.  READINGS meaning that the scripts (the books where the texts of the plays are written, indicating the time and location of the play, the scenery and the dialogue of the different actors) will be read and interpreted by different actors from beginning to end, but the action of the drama is not going to be represented on the stage (because there won't be a theatre, scenery or props) and that the actors won't be wearing any any costumes when reading their parts.  The LIVESTREAM READINGS will allow the audience to  Listen to the dialogue of these plays. not to watch the plays being performed on the stage.

The experience will be similar to listening to old RADIO THEATRE where you hear the dialogue, the sounds of a car's motor, or a fallen object, or  an ambulance's  siren, but because you are not actually watching the action,  you must imagine the scenery in your own minds.

The festival will also feature three fully-produced works (digitally presented with production elements and actors off-script) making their ZOOM Premieres: Disbelief by GARRET JON GROENVELD (May 30-31) The Rendering Cycle by GENEVIEVE JESSEE (June 6 - 7) and Best of Playground 24 (June 13 and June 14) a collection of 10 minute plays developed in the 2019-2020 reading series written by TOM BRUETT, MELISSA KEITH, MARTHA SOUKUP, ADDIE ULREY, LEELA VELAUTHAM and CHRISTIAN WILBURN

PLAYGROUND ZOOM FEST will transform PlayGround's popular festival of New Works  into an online program of more than 30 real-time livestreamed performances, including 50 distinct offering.

All events are FREE except the featured Zoom premiere presentations, which start at just $15. For more information, visit or call (415) 992-6677.