On July 5, 2020  to
TheatreWorks Silicon Valley Artistic Director
Robert Kelly
By Iride Aparicio

Photos/ZOOM Video courtesy: TheatreWorks

SILICON VALLEY-- Sitting in the privacy of his own  home, via  YouTube ZOOM, instead of standing in any of the stages where for fifty years he stood as an actor,  as a young actors play, playwright, as a creator of props falling on the stage, and as a Stage Director with a "gift" to show young and mature actors how to portray their characters on the stage, on the night of July 5th, ROBERT KELLEY waved to the blocks on the screen showing his ZOOM audience toasting him, from their homes, on his retirement as ARTISTIC DIRECTOR of TheatreWorks Silicon Valley, a theatre that he started in 1970 two years after graduating with a degree in Creative Writing from Stanford University.  

When asked, by the ZOOM's moderator what did compel him to start TheatreWorks?  his answer was that all started with a job he had just gotten with the City of Palo Alto, to create a new play from youngsters. The challenge, stirred his imagination. With input from the students and other playwrights and performers, he wrote Pop Corn, as their play was called. The play was performed and produced, and based on the success of his play, on April 1st 1970, TheatreWorks Silicon Valley was born.

Fifty years later, ROBERT KELLEY retired as Artistic Director of Theater Works,  after producing  440 shows, directing 175 plays himself, and the theatre he started,  being awarded  the  2019  TONY ®  Award  for  Regional Theatre.

In his honor, Cultural World Bilingual attaches ROBERT KELLEY's ZOOM TOAST below, for our readership to see, and in another B-roll KELLEY's introduction of TIM BOND, the new Artistic Director of TheatreWorks.