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By Iride Aparicio

Photos Courtesy: Stephanie Whigham

SILICON VALLEY-- The Tabard Theatre Company announced to the press that in order to keep their performers and creative team safe and follow State and County COVID regulations, they are moving the opening date of their Live Radio Play, "IT' S A WONDERFUL LIFE" to December lOth and also adding a new performances, including a 12pm matinee on Christmas Eve day.

Because of the Pandemic, it has not been easy to keep the performers and creative team safe and at the same time follow the State and County regulations.  To do so Tabard had each  one of its actors performing his or her part solo  for the theatre's three-camera live stream set-up, with the technical team remaining in masks behind the plastic barriers. The various parts of the actors had then been edited together, as done in films, to create the finished show. The goal was to create a product that gives the same look and feel of the company's previously successful live streamed performances. Although the main presentation is now pre-recorded, each show will be presented live.

The play will be directed by Tabard Artistic Director JONATHAN RHYS WILLIAMS, (picture below) who will open the Live Radio Show by hosting a live-pre-show, with trivia and socializing in the chat area.

Tabard Artistic Director JONATHAN RHYS WILLIAMS

Long before COVID necessitated the re-invention of live theatre for the live stream medium, IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE: A Live Radio Play, was hailed as "magical" by The Boston Globe. And "Fresh and inventive" By The Chicago Sun-Times. For staging the holiday movie classic as a live radio broadcast being performed in-studio.

In this radio play version a small ensemble of actors perform. the voices (by masterfully  changing their tone of their own voice)  of dozens of characters, which require a lot a well-trained actors, while creating  Foley sound effects live. For the performance, Tabard has also commissioned a brand-new all original score by composer GREGG COFFIN for this production.


JERRY LLOYD in the role of a radio announcer
JERRY LLOYD in the role of a radio announcer

For those unfamiliar with the story of I'TS A WONDERFUL LIFE, it is a Holidays movie with JAMES STEWART as George and DONNA REED as his wife is considered director FRANK CAPRA's greatest work. The story of the film, was inspired by nine lines on a Christmas card, written for his friends by writer PHILIP VAN DOREN STERN, that CAPRA focused on to convey the message that every man's life is important because it touches so many other lives.
In the film George Bailey, (the protagonist) is a man with great "dreams" with the ambition to accomplish great deeds, but he was unselfish, and one by one, different  circumstances practically forced him to remain in Bedford Falls, a small town where he had been born and grown up, where  nothing happened.  Older, frustrated, now married to Mary and with four children, one night,  shortly before Christmas after he finds himself bankrupt, and in what he considers a hopeless situation, deciding that life is not worth living, decided to throw himself in a river and die.

The play starts on that night, when he meets Clarence, and angel, and tells the story of what happened to George, after that encounter.

Eduardo Soria in the role of George Bailey
Eduardo Soria in the role of George Bailey

When presented as a film, (1946) the movie was nominated for five Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Editing, and Best Sound.  I's a WONDERFUL LIFE is still a Christmas Classic.
This beloved American holiday Classic  may be experienced as a live 1940 radio broadcast complete with sound effects done live on the stage and a small ensemble, each playing multiple roles as they bring to life the story.
WHEN:  FROM DECEMBER 10 through DECEMBER 24, 2020

In order to make theatre more accessible to those financially impacted by the crisis, TABARD is offering three tiers of pricing and leaving it up to the customer to pay according to their situation. The Lowest price is offered for anyone who, for a reason, needs a little help in order to afford a ticket. The middle price is for patrons who are comfortable paying for a standard theatre ticker, and the highest price is available for those who have the capacity and wish to support access to the arts for someone else in need.

TICKETS ARE:  $15.00 - $50.00 and can be ordered online or by phone: 408 679-2330.

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