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 (Official Communique  from  the GALINDO family)

By Iride Aparicio

MIAMI, FLORIDA --In a press Communique, the family of the Venezuelan Artist ANTONIO GALINDO  (Known as  "ElPapi-joe," who was for years part of  "EL GRUPO MENUDO" and later on integrated  MDO) to ask our readers for their  prayers for the  singer/actor  who is now in a Florida  Medical Center fighting for his life.

According to his family, GALINDO had been very depressed by the effects of the pandemic,  and in his depressive state, at the end of September, he decided to end his own life. In the process,  he caused so much damage to his body,  that he is now close to death yet fighting to regain his strength.

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Antonio Galindo     Photo Courtesy:  VG media Publicity Agency

In a Communique, written in Spanish, and translated to English for our readers, the GALINDO FAMILY writes:

"We will be infinite grateful to all those who pray for ANTONIO GALINDO  in this very difficult moments  that we all are experiencing. We know how loved he is by his fans and public, and we have no words to thank those of you for the love and solidarity that you have demonstrated to us, the Galindo family, since the first time you heard the news."

"Today, with a broken heart, we offer to you, the public,  this information  to  request your  prayers, the prayers  of  all his friends, his fans, and the prayers of all the people in the industry and the communication media's readers who had enjoyed the career of this prestigious Venezuelan artist, to join us in prayers for a man who  is fighting death and is now very close to lose his battle and  create a vacuum in the hearts of  all those who loved him, not only as an artist, but as a wonderful human being."  Please, pray for ANTONIO GALINDO.

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