Will go on Living
By Iride Aparicio

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MIAMI, FL.   After a deep depression, induced by the ravages that the COVID-19 pandemic was causing in his profession and the arts, motivated ANTHONY GALINDO IBARRA, known as "El PapiJoe" in the music world, to try to end his own life, the popular Venezuelan artist was treated at a Florida's Medical Center where the medical personnel struggled for six days to save his life but were unable to succeed. ANTHONY GALINDO IBARRA entered eternity on Saturday, October 3, at 3:43 PM Eastern standard time.

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ANTHONY GALINDO IBARRA started his musical career singing in his teens, as a late  member of the R&B pop Rock  grupo MENUDO (Which means" small" or "very young,"
in Castilian Spanish) The name was given to the group of Latinos because all were adolescents. Their ages ranging from 9 to 13 years old.

One of the most popular Latin boys band in history. MENUDO was a singing dancing group of teenagers from Spain, Puerto Rico and other Spanish-Speaking Countries, who sang songs in both Spanish and English as they danced them dressed in flashy similar outfits. The group was was formed in Caguas, Puerto Rico in l977, and was produced by EDGARDO DIAZ . When MENUDO disbanded in 2009, ANTHONY GALINDO IBARRA became a part of MDO the group that spun from MENUDO and later joined the famous KUMBIA KINGS. He had a 20 years career in the industry.

In a Communiqué to the press, the GALINDO family writes:

"With great pain we would like to communicate to the public that today, Saturday 3 of October at 3;43 in the afternoon we lost our dear ANTHONY GALINDO IBARRA after six days, in which the Medical personnel at the Medical Center in Florida, did everything possible to try to save his life.  We would like to thank all those who prayed for him, those who are trying to help our family in these very difficult times, and those who met him during his life. To follow his wishes, when he was still alive, the family will donate his organs."

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And because of his organs' donation, we could deduce that Artist ANTHONY GALINDO IBARRA will continue living among us, in each of of those organ's recipients who his organs will help improve their health. If he donated his eyes, somebody will be able to see with them, and if he donated his heart, it will go on, giving love as ANTHONY did when he was alive, as it continues beating every day, in somebody else's chest.

We send our heart felt sympathy to the GALINDO FAMILY