By Iride Aparicio

Photos courtesy: her agency

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES-- As host model, during the Arab Fashion week in Dubai, Hispanic model Barbara Castellanos made her debut as presenter in The Orion Star Awards as a model, displaying the designs of different designers and as a host, describing the designs to the audience. At the end of the week, she was surprised when for her "work" The Arab Fashion week festival bestowed upon her their top prize: MODEL HOST.

The MODEL HOST prize was given to Barbara Castellanos not only for her performance at the festival but in recognition of her entrepreneurial work around the world in Art, themes related to life, businesses, and philanthropy. among others, that she has performed for years.

"This is very important for me," Said the model who recently converted herself in the revelation of New York Fashion Week 2021 Festival speaking from Dubai "that from Dubai, which is a new fashion market, my work, as a Latina woman, is given recognition.  I am very moved and exited with the opening of this new door"

Barbara II.jpg

Venezuelan born, Barbara Castellanos became the Revelation top model of New York Fashion Week 2021-2022, (NYFW) by visiting the exhibition "Christian Dior, designers of Dreams" which opened at the Brooklyn Museum. The show tells the story of the Dior House and all the other Dior's sources of inspiration, from the splendor of flowers and nature forms to classical and contemporary art.

In the past,  Barbara has patronized photographic campaigns with fashion designers Dior, Prett Little Thing, Fashion Nova and Porsche design studio, among others, and participated in Pasarelas (Fashion shows)  for Giannina Azar, the top fashion designer from the Dominican Republic, in her Miami Swim Week, Spring Colors Boston y San Juan Moda fashion shows.

Aside from being a Fashion Model, Barbara Castellanos is licensed in Accounting and Business Administration. But as a recognized public figure, Castellanos's mission is to serve as a role model for women around the world   and encourage women to raise their self esteem and pursue and fulfill their ambitions.